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Now … Regarding Senate confirmations of the President-Elects candidates for Cabinet positions … Shouldn’t Senators be required to disqualify themselves from making determinations when there is a potential conflict of interest, just like the requirement for recusing Judges? Judges accept zero cash and they still have this requirement. Politicians accept boatloads of money, and then [...]

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WANTED: Volunteers To Change The World! ​ ​Critical Problems: Watch the news, listen to the radio, read a newspaper or just have a serious conversation with a family member, friend or associate, and it won’t take you long to know that we are confronted by a whole host of problems on a constant basis: Income inequality, racial [...]

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Basketball and Bonding

Objectives:   Parents and children strengthen their bonds through playing basketball Parents learn how to provide a happier, healthier and more successful future for their families through proper financial literacy and planning Provide an opportunity for parents to earn additional income through sharing of 16 Things outreach programs Create an home environment that continues to [...]

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National Kids’ Month

Today’s the day to transform our future Call or email the President and tell him you want him to establish August as “National Kids’ Month!” / 202-456-1111 #10SecondsToChange www.16ThingsKidsCanDo.Org

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Join the “Karma Club”

The Karma Club is a community of people that perform Planned Acts of Kindness. Membership is 100% free, so become a member today & start changing the world one PAK at a time!

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Planned Acts of Kindess

Making the World a Better Place to Live ... One PAK at a Time

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